Who are we?

Julia Dotulong established the foundation Cultureel Rijk to promote Outsider Art as a fully-fledged art form. In other words, as solemnly affirmed in our mission statement: To raise nationwide awareness in the Netherlands about Outsider Art by developing and organizing activities on behalf of Outsider Art in the broadest sense of the word. The foundation seeks to achieve its goals by initiating, developing, stimulating and inspiring, social, public and cultural activities.

Art historian Roger Cardinal (1972), defines Outsider Art as: “art created by people who are not influenced by current mores in contemporary fine arts, are independent of trends, and create art only for themselves. “These artists do not have an academic education, often have a psychiatric background or are mentally disabled.”



When asked whether he made Outsider Art, American artist Joe Coleman replied: “There is only good and bad art.”

Since 1921 a lot has changed in the world. In 1921, the psychiatrist Morgenthaler published his patients’ works of art. Jean Dubuffet coined the term ”Art Brut” which Roger Cardinal changed to “Outsider Art”.

Very few artists nowadays work on their creations in an environment so completely and tranquilly isolated. They live and work in the modern world where they create their own world as well as their own unique form and theme.

The only dividing line that should play a role in the art world, is quality, craftsmanship, expressiveness and the originality of the art. And not the label, or worse, some stigma others have come up with. It should revolve around art itself, not around the creator. Foundation Cultureel Rijk is strongly committed towards supporting this.

According to us, the term Outsider Art defines nothing more than a movement in contemporary art. Just as cubism, Cobra and the De Stijl, are. Foundation Cultureel Rijk believes that good Outsider Art artists don’t need extra labels, but do require serious attention and acknowledgement from the art world. By doing so, the outsider becomes an insider without losing the uniqueness that characterizes the outsider.




Foundation Cultureel Rijk offers Outsider Art artists a national podium for its activities. Our aim is make Outsider Art visible and unlock this movement’s potential.

The first edition of our In-the-Outside-Art-Tour took place on 12 and 13 September 2015 in the Museumpark in Rotterdam. The tour was the first pop-up art festival exhibition of Outsiders, naïve artists, rebels and visionaries. Behind every door of these small separate art exhibitions in the Museumpark , you discovered a new world. The Outsider crept out of his shell. Besides 37 Dutch painters and more than 250 pieces of work, there were also musicians, poets and performers.

The second edition of the In-the-Outside-Art-Tour in our Pop-Up-Grow-Big-Museum, opened its doors on Sunday 29 October 2017. The exhibition “What is a world?” runs until and including 17 December 2017. You can see the work of more than 20 leading Outsider Art artists from home as well as abroad. Besides these pieces of art, crossovers such as photography and pop culture will also be exposed. And every Sunday, there are (additional) performances and music.

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You will find a selection of the artists that we have at our first festival. If you are interested in their work, please contact us, we can (probably) contact you with them.

Johnson Weree (1970)
Rene van Asch (1953)
Derk Wessels (1972)
Hein Dingemans (1962)
Mohin Khaleghi (1992)
Minke de Fonkert (1965)
Liliane Jansen (1967)
Ed Jansen (1964)
Pieter Nelissen (1967)
Alida Schaap (1960)
Reginald Drooduin (1956)
Rob Morren (1968)


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